Hi, my name is Andreas and I have a background as a back-end developer and cloud platform/delivery engineer. Currently, I work as a consultant at Xebia, where my mission is to help great clients solve their own interesting problems.

I consider myself a life-long learner, and I learn new things every day. I write here because sharing what I learn works for me in two ways: I get to give something back, and I learn even more.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

What makes me tick

Optimizing the process of designing and building software that solves real problems gets me out of bed in the morning. I am particularly interested in the friction that appears when a platform ages, the company grows, the subject is complex, or the end user’s problems are unclear.

To me, the devops way of thinking combined with modern infrastructure and automation tooling offer real solutions to this friction. This combination now makes it possible to work closely with the business to continuously deliver quality and scalable software.

Out of these interests, I really enjoy working on complex distributed systems using cloud services, container platforms, and infrastructure automation tools. At the same time I try keep my development skills sharp writing tools in Golang, ReactJS, Python and Bash. But most of all, I do these things because I love doing them.

“We do not dance to reach a certain point on the floor, but simply to dance.” ― Alan Watts

Get in touch

To get in touch with me, the best way is to ping me on Twitter: linden3.

You can also find me on Github: andreaslindeboom and lindeboomio.