This site uses Google Analytics cookies for the purpose of analyzing incoming traffic. However, measures have been taken to reduce the impact on your privacy.

Because these measures are in place and they are documented here, this site does not present you with a cookie bar.

Data Processing Agreement

In line with GPDR, the responsibilities concerning processing of your data are specified in a Data Processing Agreement between Google and

IP address anonymization

Under GPDR, your IP address is considered personal data. For this reason, the last octet of your IP address is masked by Google before it ever hits their disks.

Shared data with Google

By default, Google Analytics shares data with Google in a number of categories:

  • Google products & services
  • Benchmarking
  • Technical support
  • Account specialists
  • Sales experts

For the analytics, all of these options have been turned off.

Google advertising sharing

Google Analytics is able to collect tracking data for advertising purposes. The options that allow this (Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features) have been turned off.

User ID tracking

To correlate behavior over multiple devices and sessions, Google can track the user ID of a site’s visitors. This option has been turned off.